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On Display May 3 until June 21

Current Exhibition

Little Black Frame Event

Floral watercolour painting on textured panel Gladiola

B. Stewart


T. Marshall


A. Knowler

Little Black Frame Event


Art Show & Sale

May 3 – July 31, 2024

Opening Reception:  Friday May 10th 6 – 9 pm

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Little Black Frame” at the Art Gallery of Lambeth.

This curated exhibition celebrates the beauty and intricacy of small-scale art, framed in the timeless elegance of little black frames. From captivating 2D works that tell poignant stories to the dynamic charm of small 3D pieces, this event promises to be a journey into the delicate realms of artistic expression.

Join us in exploring how these petite masterpieces, carefully set within their ebony confines, create an immersive experience that speaks volumes. Witness the magic of miniaturization unfold at the Art Gallery of Lambeth – where small art makes a big impact.

Artist Educators & Instructors


The Art Gallery of Lambeth is committed to enriching our community through exceptional art education programs. We are currently seeking professional visual artists to join our team and contribute to our dynamic education programmes.

If you are passionate about art education and eager to share your skills with our community, we would love to hear from you.

For more information

Glad Majesty - Anita Wood
Glad Majesty - Anita Wood

Upcoming Workshops

Big Blooms with Anita Wood - Watercolour on Textured Canvas

Back by popular demand! 🌸✨

If you loved our first Floral Watercolour on Textured Canvas workshop, get ready for an encore! Even if you’ve taken the first class, the magic continues in our second workshop. 🎨🌿

Join us as we dive into a fresh canvas, unveiling new techniques and creating a brand new floral masterpiece together. Let’s embark on another artistic journey, building on the beauty of the first workshop and crafting something uniquely captivating. Stay tuned for details, and let’s paint a new chapter together!


Latest News

Discover Tiny Treasures: The ‘Little Black Frame Event’

This unique show celebrates the beauty and intricacy of small-scale art, each piece exquisitely framed in black. Featuring a diverse collection of miniature masterpieces, the exhibition offers an intimate exploration of artistic expression across various media.

Join us in the gallery until June 21st to experience the captivating charm of these small wonders and connect with the talented artists behind them. Don’t miss this enchanting celebration of creativity and detail!



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Welcome to our Gallery Shop, where artistic expression comes to life!

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity as you explore our curated collection of original pieces, mesmerizing prints, and unique handmade treasures like exquisite jewelry and captivating pottery. Our showroom is a dynamic space that evolves regularly, ensuring each visit unveils fresh, inspiring additions. Join us and experience the joy of discovering the latest creations – a celebration of artistry that awaits you at every turn. Stop by and be captivated by the ever-changing tapestry of artistic innovation.

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