Art Gallery and Studio of Lambeth

The Art Gallery of Lambeth is the home gallery to two award winning artists;

Vivian Tserotas and Brenda Morris.

The Gallery also includes a large studio where you may find these artists working and teaching their craft.  Adults and children are welcome to take workshops in a variety of mediums including; Fused glass, Pottery, Textile arts, Felting, Painting as so much more.

Vivian Tserotas

Vivian is an accomplished award winning   artist.  She has participated in the London   Artists Studio tour as a textile artist for over 10 years in the past.  She is also a very talented and established teacher.  She has created and taught textile arts workshops at Fanshawe College, and is currently working as high   school art teacher part time while running the gallery and teaching her studio classes at the gallery studio.  Her love of art and her love of teaching is evident if you have ever stepped foot into her studio to take any of her fused glass, pottery, resin, alcohol ink, felting and many other workshops that she offers.  Vivian’s  passion and enthusiasm for the texture and colour is evident in her work and has transposed into other mediums of her art practice.  Visit the gallery to see her intricate works of art in fabric, glass pottery and resin.





Brenda Morris

Brenda Colley - Art Gallery of Lambeth

Brenda has always had a passion for art and nature.  “Artist” was not considered a career, even though she showed considerable artistic talent at an early age.  She studied to become a veterinary technician.  Using sketching as a study tool during college, she built an intimate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of various animals. She worked only in graphite for many years.  She now works in various media, including Watercolour, Acrylic, Oils and Pastels. Brenda continues to support many conservation and animals rescue organizations through her generous donations of art, such as Ducks Unlimited, Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund and Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Network (O.W.R.E.N.), as well as local rescue shelters. Brenda teaches programs for both kids and adults in the Art Gallery of Lambeth studio. She also has a thriving business painting animal portraits on a commission basis.  See more of Brenda’s work or get info on commissioning a Pet Portrait HERE