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Step by Step Paint Nights & Workshops 

We are London’s first studio that ever offered paint night classes 8 years ago and we can proudly say, “We are the best”.  We have a qualified art teacher who ensured that we masterfully united the element of fun, learning and super easy to follow steps that guarantee a successful painting every time.   We supply all the materials needed to create your piece of art.  Just come in for a social evening of creating and fun.  Our experienced instructors make you feel like Van Gogh and  you will have created a masterpiece to take home to prove it.  

This program is for anyone who wants to come out and have some social painting fun, or anyone who wants to learn how to use a new art medium.  

Sip n’ paint nights offer wine and snacks so call the babysitters and come out for some painting fun!

Make it a party! 

Book your own private event.  Choose a project from anyone of our mediums and invite your friends! We have many different mediums and projects to choose from so please email us for more options. For more details    

What classes are we doing this month? Click HERE for the calendar.