AGL Studio Programs


Our mission:

Whether you are 6 or 60, we believe that everyone can create beautiful art. We are dedicated to helping explore to find  the medium that you connect with and will excel in.  We are lead to believe that drawing and painting are the only art forms but there is so much more to explore.  We offer a number of programs designed to guarantee that you enjoy the creative process and find  success in every project you create here.  Whether you are an advanced artist or a beginner there is so much to learn.  Our workshops are all taught by experienced professionals in our gallery studio, and we offer a  variety of classes to help you reach your full potential in Many Mediums.  

 See the calendar for a calendar of upcoming workshops. 


Children’s Programs


At the AGL studio, our priority is to give your child the best quality of art education possible. The art programs are taught by qualified and experienced instructors and are designed/overseen by a qualified B of ed arts educator. Our art programs are unique, although we keep the school based art curriculum in mind we are also interested in exposing the children to aspects of art and art mediums that they may not have had the opportunity to explore. We use high quality materials, give the children an art opening at the end of their course, teach art presentation and sent home a finished matted or framed piece of work.
Our instructors are also working artist in the community and are aware of the latest products and techniques.
The studio programs support:

Art Gallery of Lambeth - children's programs

  • increase artistic skills and creativity
  • increase the understanding of the arts
  • increase awareness and appreciation of the arts
  • increase the understanding of art presentation and exhibitions