Tribal Circles Series

I have always had a special connection to animals and nature. I always felt at home and grounded when out in wild places.  I believe that my native roots may have enhanced this connection. ‘Freedom, Wild Horse’ is my first of this series.  At the time, I didn’t realize that this would develop into a series of paintings.  As I reflected on my past, I could see a relationship between to the animals I chose to paint and the lessons I was struggling to learn or challenges I was facing.
I was drawn to certain animals; felt a close connection with them.  Each of these spirit, or totem animals has been a teacher, a messenger, or healer guiding me on my path. They have brought with them wisdom to teach me about myself and my life’s choices.
In the Native beliefs, the circle is a sacred symbol. It has come to represent wholeness, completion, and the cycle of life to death to rebirth.  I have chosen different circles in this series to represent the seasons of my life.  Each season has brought with it different challenges. Life’s journey is not always easy. 
I was struggling. I was married to an alcoholic. My children were also suffering from the effects of living in an alcoholic home. I was searching for help and found Alanon. I was learning to focus on myself and my growth and my children, not on the alcoholic. 
I was dealing with loss and pain, my art lifted me up and rescued me. These paintings are my story;          

Freedom ~ Wild Horse

This painting is about survival and freedom.
The hand symbol represents success in hand to hand combat. It is also a symbol of a human’s life achievements, legacy, and the creative spirit. When in the midst of the storm that was my marriage, it really felt like war.  I became depressed and suicidal. If not for my kids and my art, I would not have survived. I had to fight my way back to sanity, back from the brink.
The Horse is a symbol of Freedom. This horse brought with it new journeys and experiences. She set me free from the abusive relationship that had taken over my life. This horse taught me how to ride in new directions and discover my own freedom and power. Looking at this horse, I remember the freedom I felt when I rode. It would open my soul and make my heart sing. She took me back to a time when I was wild and free. She reminded me that there is happiness if I choose it.

Sacred Sun ~ Cougar

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Tree of Life ~ Bald Eagle

At times when my life was full of turmoil and I was feeling threatened or overwhelmed, I would go out into the woods for a walk in nature. Being among the trees would calm me. I would feel grounded. Then I could return to face my circumstances. The image of the willow tree is our path to stability, hope, and healing. It can be a twisted and windy path, but there is hope and healing if you allow it to grow. The tree symbolizes life and strength.
Eagle teaches balance, greater sight and perception. The Eagle has shown me insight into the mind of an alcoholic. To understand how my choices had brought me to this place in my life. And only I could rescue me. He has also taught me to use my creative energy to heal. To look within myself for the answers. This understanding helped me reach into the past, to let go of the pain and suffering, and to forgive and grow new, strong and bold.
Feathers are universally recognized as a representation of trust, strength, wisdom, freedom, and honour.


Shaman Medicine wheel ~ Raven


Sacred Dream Catcher ~ Tawny Owl

The dream catcher resembles a spider’s web and filters out nightmares allowing only good dreams to pass through.  The good dreams are let through the web, down the feathers to the undisturbed sleeping person. In my life, there were more nightmares than good dreams. 
Water is one of the four basic elements and is vital for life and energy. Water has cleansing power. The water drops represent strength, change, healing, dreaming, and unconditional love.
Owl is a bird of the night, and night is a symbol of the darkness within, the place where humans hide their secrets. There were many secrets in my life,  the things that go on behind closed doors.  Secrets that I kept hidden even from those closest to me.  Secrets that kept me emotionally sick and depressed. The Owl taught me to open up and let my secrets out into the light where I could heal.


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