Meet Our Instructors

Professional visual artists from our community play a tremendous role in helping the AGL with its education programmes. Artists are employed on an ongoing basis to deliver high-quality studio-based programmes (such as summer camps, art classes, PA Days and family workshops) at the Gallery/Studio. Our Artist Instructors teach children, youth and adults a variety of approaches to art making, employing a wide range of media.


Vivian Tserotas

Vivian is a very talented and established teacher.  She has created and taught textile arts workshops at Fanshawe College, and is currently working as high school art teacher full time while running the gallery and teaching her studio classes at the gallery studio.  Her love of art and her love of teaching is evident if you have ever stepped foot into her studio to take any of her fused glass, pottery, resin, alcohol ink, felting and many other workshops that she offers.  Vivian’s  passion and enthusiasm for the texture and colour is evident in her work and has transposed into other mediums of her art practice.  Visit the gallery to see her intricate works of art in fabric, glass pottery and resin


Brenda Morris

Brenda is a certified Artist Educator and is now certified as Arts Therapy Coach. She has over 25 years of teaching, mentoring and painting experience. She is a self-taught artist and has won many awards for her Wildlife & Landscape paintings. She creates a friendly and supportive environment to learn and experiment.


Anita Wood

Anita, a highly regarded artist known for breathing life into canvases, is our guiding force. With a background steeped in visual arts and a passion for nurturing talent, Anita has become a sought-after instructor. Her mastery spans floral watercolours to abstract mixed media, creating immersive workshops where creativity flourishes, and unique artistic voices emerge.