Cedar Waxwing – From My Garden Series by Brenda Morris

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In 2011, I was forced to move from a house that I loved with a huge backyard and gardens.  I moved into a rental townhouse with a tiny patio in the back. There was no place to have any kind of garden let alone the perenial gardens I was used to.  I love flowers! I love nurturing them from seeds or babies into full beautiful plants that return year after year.

I have decided to use my adoration for flowers to create a Floral Series of paintings. I want to paint all of the flowers that grew in my garden along with the birds and butterflies that visited them. These were happy memories from a very dark time in my life.

Cedar Waxwings used to visit my garden in the spring time before the snow was quite finished. I had a Mountain Ash that had brilliant red and orange berries left from the fall season.  I loved watching these birds and their antics of sharing berries with their mates.  This painting is 7x9" painted on 250lb Watercolour paper, mounted on white pine gallery style cradle board, then varnished and sealed with cold wax for protection.  There is no need to frame these art works, they are ready to hang on your wall.



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Cedar Waxwing

Artist: Brenda Morris
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 7×9"
Copyright: 2020